May 21, 2011

2 Snowalk @ i-City, Shah Alam - in 5 minutes!

That's right - that's how long we (the happy family), *sheepishly*  lasted in the RM$20million man-made freezer. Our snow adventure quickly became a rescue mission out after just a minute in, when Mama raised the white flag.

Chilled to the bone and caught on slippery path, we had no alternative but to move along slowly to the exit, which we assumed was at the other end. I trekked ahead of the rest to check things out when a suspicion gnawed at me .."Where's the exit sign.." I muttered.

I grabbed hold of a passing employee. Imagine our horror, when we found out that OUT was really behind us. We had to turn back! Mama was in a laughing fit by this time. The whole scenario was just too funny. Indeed it was, with two of her children holding on to her tightly, like a criminal being escorted into prison. She had been tickled since the moment she cried surrender.

Although in the midst of hurry, I stole a couple of moments to take in the surroundings. There were slides to play with, an igloo house which kept some of the cold out, scenic ice sculptures and lighted displays. 

Be warned that there are large air-conditioners lined in many corners of the wall. Blast it all, I'll never forget those blasts of cold air. Now, I know how frozen meat feels like.

Phew! That was an enjoyable 5 minutes...or so

The entrance

Tickets @ RM15 for adults 10AM to 6PM,
RM25 after 6PM

Decorative statues on display

BrrRrrr...our moment of fame
(that's what the ice-box looks like inside)

Launched last Christmas

Ice sculptures

Games just outside
Jackets are provided with the purchase of an entrance ticket but everything else comes with additional cost.

It's RM10 for a pair of rubber boots and thin socks which does not serve its purpose. On top of that, there's a RM20 deposit requirement. If you need gloves, that's RM10 for a pair too. Wise to have if you intend to stay and play longer.

All these extras are paid and managed at a different counter. That's an inconvenience we can do without surely. It makes the whole affair somewhat inefficient and is a reflection of bad management.

Anyway, my advice to visitors would be that you bring your own gloves and wear your own shoes (cos those boots ain't made for walkin') and socks ..proper ones, of course.


  1. is the one in genting better than this? was thinking of taking my daughter but she's been to the one up in genting. buffer perhaps?

  2. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for the late response.

    I wouldn't be able to provide a fair comparison because it's been years since I last visited the Genting one.

    But from what I can remember, I would recommend Snowalk i-City. There's cool lighted sculptures, a slide and a little igloo. It has a street-like design which will be interesting for kids to explore, all made of ice. It isn't a large place so the kids will be within earshot.


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