Jun 4, 2011

2 Ice Blended Watermelon Juice with Lemon

Oh, windless night that plagues me, be gone! Cocooned in a sweltering home, my mind was constantly playing over images of a cool icy drink. Yet my body refused to move. It was hot .. hot...HOT.

I wished for a refreshing bath in the low temperature Kinabalu mountains. I dream of sitting under the splashing rainforest enclosed waterfalls.

"Is this how you want your day to end? Laying in sweat drenched clothes with a sleepless night in the making." I chide my reluctant self. 

Off I went to get a thirst quencher and nothing beats a glass of ice blended watermelon juice with a bit of lemon for zing! I only say so ... because it's all I could find in my refrigerator really.


Take that, heat wave!

The ingredients

In the blender it goes

Oh, that is cool indeed

Ice blended refreshment

- Watermelon
- Lemon
- Ice cubes

1) Remove seeds from watermelon

2) Squeeze juice from lemon (according to taste)

3) Add seeded watermelons, lemon juice and ice cubes into the blender
(Add honey or melted sugar only IF the melon isn't sweet enough). A bit of water helps to get things moving. Blend until smooth.


  1. for sure this is very refreshing esp now that the weather is really killing.

  2. killing is the word...cheers to more cool drinks ..!


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