Jun 29, 2011

0 A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

There's no green-eyed monster here, only a free-gift monster you could not admire. She's gullible,  she stocks up on kitchen collectibles because experience tells her that "they're never going to reproduce this design again!" and is green enough to believe that offers mentioned on sales ads are real bargains.

If the marketing guys are looking for someone who'll fawn over their lame (not) sales gimmick, I'm that person, the semi-old lady who's easily attracted to free stuff, be it of use or not. It's free-lah, what more you want me to say..

My kitchen cabinet's full and I don't pat myself on the back for this one. I've yet to feel the urge to part with my collectibles or junk (I detest labels) as some may call it. I sincerely believe it could be passed down as valuable inheritance. Someone's bound to appreciate me for it, no? 

On a recent grocery trip, I unwittingly collected three gift items, without realising the folly of my actions. If it's any consolation, I've a keen eye for supermarket freebies.

Now, I've a plastic cup I can do without and I've paid more than I should have. I've stayed away from Oreo cookies for ages simply because it's the more expensive brand. Call it a protest, if you must. The fun cup promo broke my resolve - I detest it.

"It's a fun cup, Oreo inspired! I'm never gonna find another cup as cute as this..." I tell myself, like I don't already have tonnes of plastic cups at home.

Another plastic cup

Aww, shame on me, this isn't even my favourite toothpaste. It must've been those security scanners all these big supermarkets have at the entrance. Its put me in a trance, "Freebies are bargains..Freebies are bargains". 

Another bowl to the collection
(Doesn't even mention what its made of or if its microwaveable)

A free mug from KFC that contains 24k Gold. It did cross my mind that this could be worth a fortune, that's why the purchase was made I suppose. Mmm.. my heir will appreciate this for sure. This is mug number 30-something.


Can I pawn it..?

Woe to Mother Earth indeed. I'm contributing to the unncessary mount of garbage on our lands. The more freebies I collect, the more companies nobly produce cheapware for me and like-minded individuals to collect. I say nobly because they think they're doing us a favour.

This is a mid year resolution - I hereby resolve to be a responsible shopper from here onwards and to go for real bargains only (Things that benefit wallet-wise and use-wise).


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