Jun 13, 2011

2 Magical Musicals Gala Premiere @ Sunway Lagoon - 10th June 2011

Mesmerising, that's how I would describe this latest initiative from Sunway Lagoon. The effort they put into creating a stage that could carry this musical over ordinary standards is certainly commendable. Malaysia Boleh!  "Huh? Where did that come from?.."

Getting in, however, was a sore point with me. We were made to go through three long queues! Humidity levels were high outside the theatre. As the hour dragged on, I became drenched in sweat. The agonising wait was obviously irritable to the tired faces that stared before the backs of many in the unmoving line.

This led me to believe that the amphitheatre would be nothing but a giant baking oven. Oh, woe. Oh wait, I'm glad I was proven wrong. Huge fans had been installed to counter the heat. Phew!

Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon

The story of this musical is set in New York and it's about a group of performers seeking to make a name for themselves. Their struggles and how they find love in the end are portrayed in songs from Grease, Glee, Saturday Night Fever, Mamma Mia! and more, bringing substance to the loose script. Magical Musicals is therefore an apt name to describe this endeavor.

Saturday Night Fever

Playing with fire ..Jai Ho!

The cast

Posing for the photographers

I truly enjoyed the musical. I only wished that the food and drink vendors who keenly interrupt my view would remove themselves when the show was on. I also detest the fact that they were charging us at cut throat prices. RM5 for a bottle of mineral water is daylight robbery. This isn't a posh air-conditioned restaurant, for goodness sake.

These guys are a distraction.
Check out the price list!

The tickets

Tickets courtesy of AMBP, to whom I am grateful for this opportunity. For information on ticketing, showtimes and the production, head over to Air Asia Red Tix's website.


  1. This musical must have been great, I watched the Grease version long time ago and enjoyed myself so much.

  2. Oh, I love Grease. It remains a favourite, even today. Magical Musicals is really enjoyable as well. It takes us down memory lane with songs we can sing along to.


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