Jul 1, 2011

9 Single Storey Terrace @ Lazenda Villa 2, Labuan

Guess what I found on a recent trip to Labuan? A newly completed single storey housing project located amidst the serene Lazenda Villa 2 neighbourhood - perfect for raising a small family.

Cousin signed the papers at around RM360K last year. The price was, of course, bordering on unrealistic for a sleepy township.

Photos were taken three weeks ago. The homes were almost complete except for some wiring work.

I found the overall colour choice neat. Green tinted glass against white is nice on the eyes. It has always attracted me because it gives me an illussion of freshness. I like this combination very much.

I'm really picky about colours and I get riled up when architects or designers (whoever it is who gets to pick the colour) do a lousy job at matching. 

It's off-putting when professionals choose to throw up an unimaginative colour scheme when they've been given the golden opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Unfortunately, I don't have the deets for this project. It wasn't a planned visit and I don't find it highly necessary to bug my cousin for it.

The facade, with green tinted glass.
The front porch fits 2 cars comfortably.

The living hall

The kitchen - A large backyard

The kitchen, from another angle

The gate

Overview of the single storey terrace homes.
A street party is possible.


  1. The kitchen looks good Sharon, esp opening up to the courtyard.

  2. I like that too, huge space behind. Very hard to find these days.

  3. :D You should see it now with furniture :P

  4. LOL... Hope to move in by end of July and yes definitely a proper house warming with family and close friends plus a house blessing

    1. HeyyYy...you mean that the housewarming we did using rolls of tissue paper for decor wasn't proper??? lol ^.^

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh dear, it's not up for rent. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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