Jul 30, 2011

2 Kitchen timer baffles these newbies

Oohh, I spotted this gem of cuteness in Ikea, strewn over many boxes, in various sweet candy colours. It certainly brought back a couple of schoolgirl memories as I picked up a few and meticulously inspected it for scratch marks and what not. 

Men have their grown up toys like sports cars, computer games and complicated gadgetry such as the apps filled Iphone or that...mmm.. anything that's apps filled, I guess?

I've outgrown those tiny pink plastic stoves and inedible Play-Doh burgers I used to play with as a child but amusingly, where toys and interests are concerned, I haven't strayed far. I've just upgraded to sterner stuff and this time, what I cook can be eaten. 

The timer on my old trusty oven has gone haywire and I felt that this would be the ideal opportunity to get one. Of course, the thought wouldn't have crossed my mind if I had not seen how immensely cute these STÄM timers were. At RM7.90, it was a bargain hard to ignore.

"Gah! It doesn't work!" I said, after five tries.

"Really? Allow me!" said my friend, who gamely followed what I was doing. She turned the timer and waited for it to ring. It never did.

We busied ourselves in one corner trying to puzzle out the mechanics, being even foolish enough to shake the timer and listen patiently for the ticking sound to come to life, as though that made sense.

Embarrassingly, it seemed that we were the only ones obsessing over the works of the timer. Anyone noticing us could have easily mistaken our actions as typical of two fussy old ladies thoroughly inpecting an item to ensure what they were about to purchase was still in pristine condition.

Since we couldn't get it to work and "we've had our fun", we put everything back and headed out to the next store that would appeal to our curious minds.

It was in Daiso, amidst giggles, that the mystery was solved.

"OHHhh, so that's how it works!" we exclaimed in unison, after reading the instructions. Now, why couldn't we find it in Ikea....

Make a full turn, turn all the way back and turn it again to the number of minutes required. That's enough to confuse me. I think I get it!

The RM5 chicken...oops, I mean kitchen timer from DAISO

The next thing I knew, I was already in the car humming to Jessie J's "Price Tag" on the radio, heading home with my new toy.


  1. Dear friend, you grew up with Play Doh burger one ah? Aiyah, you are so young, girl! N calling yourselves 'fussy old ladies' really make me feel very, very old lei! Glad you find fun even in a small gadget! That's life! Find fun in everything n you will be a very happy person! Cheers!!

  2. Embracing the 40s ^.^ I grew up playing a lot of things thanks to neighbours and cousins. Lego, BMX bicycle, Happy Family card games, rounders, Nintendos,toy guns, etc. Some toys were introduced by our overseas relatives. Share - share lar.


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