Jul 31, 2011

0 Growing up or old?

There are times when it just hits you right between the eyes, like "Huh, wasn't it just yesterday that I was in my sweet pink tee and hip miniskirt carrying a bunch of books in my backpack, to attend class?"

I was queueing amongst a group of teens, waiting to get my bag checked. Security was quick to remove water bottles, cameras, umbrellas and whatever wasn't allowed in, for the safety of concert goers and copyright protection, I guess.

I was ready to leave my camera in the car if need be. Biasalah (as usual), although I knew the rules, I couldn't resist.

Then, my turn came. I slid the zipper on my bag open..

"Harr?...Aunty, you no need lar." said the young man wearing the green military uniform. He waved me in with a smile. 

Shhh...there are priviledges when you reach a certain age.


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