Jul 7, 2011

0 Creative Home Talk Show with Eric Leong @ 3 July 2011

Who attended Creative Home's Talk Show with Eric Leong last Sunday? Me!

It was part of the activities for in Publishers' idea (Interior Design Experience @1Utama) event.

I had a great couple of hours listening to our local celebrity designer talk about home renovations. My whole family is a fan of Eric Leong. He's lively, humorous and actively engages his audience with freebies.

Eric started off the talk with a guide on home renovation. We each got a nifty workbook to help us out. How cool is that. I'm going to keep it in 'mint' condition.

Unfortunately, home renovating is something I've been through so, "been there, done that, know it". What this Miss Know-It-All didn't know, was how to answer any of the questions Eric asked. That said, I didn't win any vouchers obviously although the organisers were giving it out for every answer, correct or not. Haaa..wrong answer also you could't get it right..pfft!

I had wanted to catch up on the latest renovation trends but couldn't last the four hours and left the hall while he was still on the topic of home renovation, which wasn't very polite of me. I knoww..I'm sorry, Mr. Eric

But it was either that or distress the crowd with my growling stomach. I was downright hungry and try though I did, the rampaging sounds of thunder plaguing my insides, would not ease away. The importance of breakfast should not be  taken lightly...I'm talking about missed opportunities.

Bah it all! I wanted so much to have my photo taken with Eric Leong because mom asked for it. Now, I've nothing to show....except for some amazing vouchers from a great goodie bag we got.

Goodie bag treasure

Mega money savers in the form of vouchers

Lebensstil Kollektion is my favourite brand, by the way - they've a cool collection of home and kitchen appliances at a pretty reasonable price.

Also in the bag, a Lebensstil keyholder and a DeLux name card holder

This one's a keeper. WhatTtt..I just like cute workbooks!

Mint condition


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