Jul 16, 2011

2 We CAN-DO with less

We were all raised on a good cup of Milo. It was a morning ritual for the family.

I've often thought of it as the must-have health drink, so that I'll grow up big and strong. That was what moms told us kids back in those days. Children of all levels of society in my hometown drank milo. No one I knew did not have milo at home. If we had our way, it have would been accorded the National drink title, not Teh Tarik.

But today, with rising costs and all...Gomen say, "Change lifestylelar, spend less" hmmph!..not in these exact words..

In line with this "change lifestyle"  motto, I've taken up the task of trimming our grocery costs in earnest. It was therefore with a heavy heart that I finally left Milo out from our regular shopping list. A family tradition spanning three generations, finally broken.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that it's pretty costly these days?

Finding a breakfast replacement was a soul searching journey. It was, after all, the start of our day and there's nothing worse than meeting the rising sun with a "Aiyarr, must I drink this horrid tasting thing every morning..blekk".

Everything was compared to the "rich chocolatey taste of Milo". I was beginning to wonder if this'll ever work.

"You're addicted," I delcared in the face of a weakening resolve. My fingers trembled as I reached out towards a packet of Milo after weeks of abstention. I stood at the grocery aisle for sometime deliberating and arguing with myself. I am my own mortal enemy.

"No! Don't do this, save money!"

"What's the harm? It's a health drink. Just this once.." I think I winked at myself there.

"Be strong!" the positive in me replied. 

"I can start slow, can't I? Milo this week, other brand the next. I need calcium!"

Before I lost my marbles, I took a step back, cleared my thoughts and gave myself a dressing down. The good people out there argue with  themselves over whether abortion is right, whether death sentences should be upheld, whether they can afford THAT house and here I stand arguing over the merits of drinking milo...

As soon as I reached out for the 2Kg chocolate malt pack next to Milo, which costs a whopping RM10 less, I gave myself a pat on the back.

First Choice Chocolate Malt was the answer to my breakfast drink predicament and a little 'shake' gave it the oomph I needed to stay on course.

It's been three months since my last Milo drink and as far as savings go, it's as they say "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit" (little by little, over time, it will accumulate into a hill) not a molehill, I hope

Do I miss Milo? Not at all, because this tastes as g-r-e-a-t ..well, not at first, not until I added this extra step ♫♪ shake, shake, shake ♫♪  shake, shake, shake ♫♪

A yummy frothy hot chocolate malt drink

Aahh.. (licks froth from lips)

Ditanggung Halal and 'shake' sedap
(Purchased from Cold Storage)

This is how I make my cup of frothy goodness.

- 2 teaspoons of chocolate malt
- 2 teaspoons of milk powder
- Hot water (enough to fill a cup)

Add all ingredients together in a cup. Stir well. Pour this into a water bottle or flask (with cover). Give it a good shake. Serve into cup of choice (I use the same cup).

Sprinkle a bit of chocolate malt on top (if you like it chef-like).


  1. Hey, I must say you are pretty innovative as far as your food is concerned! Honestly, I have stopped Milo for a while too. Reason: It no longer gives the umph that it used to! Could not find the choc aroma and only sugar sweet! Also, I am now a big girl! I now drink Kopi-O! Hahaha!

  2. Reallyyy?! ..Hahahaha! A lot of times, I don't know what I'm doing! Oops, the secret is out..


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