Jul 25, 2011

2 Pluck : Musical Arson - A potent laugh inducer

I was a little sceptical about forking out RM55 for "Pluck - Musical Arson" at the beginning. Whenever I think of classical music, I imagine an audience of men and women with toothpicks holding their eyelids up and lips pursed to keep from yawning.

My reservations left, as I guffawed and haha-ed throughout the show. Kit Massey, Brooke Day and Flora Allison brought classical music to life in a tale of comedic chaos.

The story begins with the two men vying to hog the limelight as they played their violin and viola with gusto. In between is Flora, who plays the cello. From the glare she's giving the boys, you know she's had enough of their competitive antics. What ensues is mayhem and mischief.

They did such a great job interacting with the audience, you would not have come across a more enthusiastic crowd. I left feeling so good that it felt like I had spent a day at the spa and in this case, the treatment was laughter.

The show runs from 21 July - 31 July 2011 at PJLA, Jaya One (Landmark: The Bee). Tickets priced from RM44 to RM77. We bought our tickets on the day itself from the counter.

A brilliant execution of classical music and comedy, not to be missed! 

At The Bee, Jaya One to get our tickets

A poster at The Bee

Our tickets - my name is printed on it!

The stage - Just 3 red chairs

Autograph session after the show

Kit (Left) and Brooke (Right)

Flora, the sultry singer..gives me "fever"

No, of course not! He doesn't bite!


  1. That is life, girl! Once in a while to do something different n enjoy the surprise! Happy post! Nice!! ;)


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