Sep 19, 2011

0 Blended Food

Sweet potatoes in orange, yellow, green and purple. I never knew they had this many varieties.

My Aunt's on a strict diet of blended food. I don't envy her. I have my doubts on the 'appetising-ness' of it all.

Porridge isn't exactly food in my dictionary either, what more blended stuff. The only porridge this tummy grades as acceptable is the one found in a Dim Sum restaurant along Jalan Ipoh and it must be eaten together with gravy from the 'kai-keok' dish  - the perfect combination. Sweet and spicy porridge, that's what I call heavenly food.

I initially started off with the dull basics of a typical soft diet menu of blended porridge with chicken, potatoes and carrots. Something I observed from food prepared in the hospital, with feedback from my Aunt.

As days went by, we got more creative and explored other types of food. One of it, being blended sweet potatoes. A great source of carbs to help rebuild her energy and gain some weight. It's also naturally sweet..mmm...tasty!

Two steps - boil, then blend with a bit of warm water. No added sugar, colouring or preservatives. How easy! 

Orange sweet potato - the sweetest out of those we tried!

Pale greenish colour - Japanese Sweet Potato

This is what the Japanese Sweet Potato looks like


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