Sep 14, 2011

0 Mooncake Day

12th September 2011. Che-che made us mooncakes. Homemade is best made! Four pieces of semi-gooey richness, with lotus paste filling, egg yolk and pumpkin seeds.

To officiate the day Mid-Autumn festival, we sliced a piece and shared it amongst the four of us. The four, who live under the same roof, glued to the one TV in front of us.  This was accompanied by conscious poses fit for all the photo-snapping that was going on. No one wanted to look bad even if it was supposed to be a candid shot.

I gave "lantern decorating" a miss this year because my days have been full. I don't mean that I paint or beautify the lanterns artistically. I just mean that I buy a few ready-made pieces to hang up in the home. That's as far as my creative talent go.

I still have one traditional lantern hanging in the living room from last celebration. That counts for something, I'm sure. Recycle maaa..

Che-che's soft and moist mooncake

Not too sweet..yums


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