Sep 12, 2011

2 The day before..

There was much fanfare when we ushered my Aunt into the Hospital for the upcoming surgery. The date, 28th August 2011. Friends and family who resided elsewhere flew in to lend their support. It was a joy to watch her being pampered and loved.

The trepidation we all felt in our hearts was kept restrained. There were occasions when the negative energy stifled inside us  found a way out of our tense muscles. 
Cries of "Touch wood, touch wood!" could be heard.  

Things had to be positive. We were more superstitious than usual and  there was a feeling that we needed to air the room with good chi. Certain words were deemed too taboo to be mentioned.

Gift baskets adorned with lovely flowers and laden with fruits, arrived for my Aunt. All in all, she was surrounded by cheerful reminders that we're all rooting for her. 

Hospital food leaves much to be desired though...a necessary evil.

RM3 for a stalk of sunshine


  1. Love that sunshine on the tray. Would be lovely to have a bunch in the room. Flowers, especially yellow ones, are such pleasant sights! Hope she gets well soon and you dear girl, stay strong n positive (what touch wood here n there?!)! Take care...

  2. Oh yes, my favourite colour. Thanks for the reminder LG..positive! positive vibes only! Ole!


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