Aug 31, 2011

4 A Merdeka of Sorts

She called me in. Her fragile hand reached for mine. It's day three in the ICU but today, she worked up a smile for my benefit. I caught a glimpse of her old cheerful self.

She struggled to speak through the tube in her throat. I listen intently, I was captivated. I couldn't make out the words but that's alright. 

This is one Merdeka Day I'll cherish, not for the fireworks display..

A Happy Merdeka Day - the flag goes up


  1. She's in Beacon now? How is she? Hope she is getting better. Merdeka is just another day but is special if one has something to cherish!
    Here's wishing she is well n you be well n happy!

  2. Thanks LG, she's much improved. Day by day ^.^
    Not at Beacon but Glens - long story but the Docs here are amazing!

  3. Glens in Ampang? Glad you find their Docs good coz many of my friends highly not recommending that place! Glad she's much improved. You have been good and she been blessed with you. Take care n stay well n happy, ok?


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