Aug 18, 2011

0 A beacon of light at Beacon Hospital?

Hospitals, my aunt hates them. She's been to four different ones, all in a span of two weeks.Travelling from East to West and all the way to Singapore. The answer was always the same, almost. 

No, not the same. He, of great Singapore, was important and blunt. She, the popular one, seated in the air-conditioned office of a well reputed local hospital,  was rushed and treated us like flies to be swatted away quickly. The one in the East was humble and concerned but he did not have our trust. It was not because he was incapable, we were just stuck on a belief brought on by word of mouth that the West was always a better bet. They all cost a bomb, these oncologists, RM150 or more per visit.

Then, we chanced upon an ad in The Star newspaper - Cyberknife New Hope for Cancer Treatment. We made our way to Beacon Hospital, fervently praying for a breakthrough. We were tired. 

A middle aged nurse with a cheerful disposition greeted us. She was like the solid rock we needed to keep distressing thoughts at bay. Quick in her actions, an obvious go-getter type. My spirits lifted a little as I admired her show of energy.

The nurse took my aunt in to see Dr. Manivannan. I think that is his name. I was too distracted..

There was a firmness in her eyes as my aunt walked out of the oncologist's room. A satisfied smile, not one of victory but one that says, "she understood". While it was explained that the Cyberknife treatment could not be option for my aunt's case, this Doctor had been kind enough to spare some additional time to attend to my aunts queries and insecurities. What had been a question mark hanging above our heads was now clear, the whys and the whats, in layman terms. We left paying a mere RM60 for consultation.

Though we were no nearer to our desired goal, which is just to have a fifty-percent chance, we left not too disappointed.

Flyers I took from Beacon Hospital


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