Aug 14, 2011

0 The Long Journey Begins..

Frustration, nothing but a bane to positive chi. It's been 14 days. A cure? So near, yet so far. What stage are we - seek and you shall find.

We are still seeking. We pray for a find and hope it will be soon. She weakens by the day from a soft diet. I watch her pale, boney hand reach out to give me a high five, a sign between us that "We can pull through this together".

While we scour the hospitals for a miracle, she has dedicated her days towards alternative treatment. A week goes by, the PET scan shows only what was and still is. This is a test, I know it. Mayhaps a bit more time.

We place our faith still in Sabah Snake Grass for the moment. Will this be our miracle cure? I pray it is.

Sabah Snake Grass

In the blender with slices of apple and iced water

Are we ready?

There she goes..!

A herbal cure, a hope


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