Aug 16, 2011

2 Ginseng Revitalising & Moisturising Bath

Think about "ginseng" and the first word that comes to mind is "revitalising". Perhaps a good distraction would help me pocket some of the feeling of anxiety that has recently engulfed my heart.

I took my dearly loved aunt to Desa Parkcity recently for a breath of fresh air and to shop for some groceries. It has been close to two weeks since she was diagnosed with Stage 4, stomach cancer. My ten days have been spent learning much about the disease, but getting nowhere in the end. I was as confused as I was when I began.

A breather, does that really help? I found small respite in the form of an unusual bath gel we found at MaxValue. The 600ml bottle of gel costs RM18.99. Value for money? I can't tell, I've not tried it. Maybe it's value is greater than that of money since it offered my mind an escape route.

I'm calmer today and have removed the angry rant I had posted earlier. I feel remorseful over my lapse in good manners and I need to be stronger for my aunt's sake.

Neat, huh? A piece of Korean ginseng root

o'Naomi revitalising and moisturising bath

With the Malaysian flag in the background


  1. Dear girl, I know how you feel. When my auntie was diagnosed with colon cancer, I felt so useless and helpless because I did not know what I can do for her.... Doing your best is the best, I guess. But don't blame yourself if nothing works, okay! You are not a doctor (or are you?), you are just someone who loves her. Right?

  2. Thanks for the comforting words, LG. Jia you, right? This not-a-Doctor has to pull herself together!


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