Dec 23, 2011

6 A night with Martin Yan, courtesy of a friend

Martin Yan brought True Passion to our shores recently. A night at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, with wine from Jacob's Creek. How did I get in? Through Meri, who's currently holding the good luck charm. She won an entry to the exclusive event from a contest organised by AFC channel.

Chef Martin Yan - he's not drunk. That's just my camera.
Wine's always been a drink that I associate with the words "acquired taste". It isn't something that would easily storm my taste buds into awe, like Coke or Ice Lemon Tea.

This dinner event was certainly an eye-opener, wine-wise. My enthusiasm for it heightens with each passing day, particularly Jacob's Creek's Sparkling Rose - this would make a delectable gift if anyone cares to get me one as a Christmas ..ahem. I am so, SO inspired to buy a bottle myself to toast the New Year in. That's a LOL moment in my books if my friends, who know me well, hear of this.

The 6-course meal was served as Chef Martin Yan regaled us with stories of his cooking experiences and showed us his mad chopping skills. It was a rich and delicious offering which I am more accustomed to seeing on TV and comes paired with an excellent selection of wine.

Photos of "sustenance", as Thor would put it..

The wine

Oven Baked Sea Treasure Broth (Chef Ricky Thein)

Cantonese Stle Steamed Cod Fish (Chef Ricky Thein)

Peking Sweet and Sour Prawns (Chef Martin Yan)

Australian Lamb Cutlets, 3 chili sauce (Chef Martin Yan)

Sweet Temptations (Chef Holger Deh)

Before we left, Martin Yan left us a souvenir in the form of photos and a personally signed thank you letter.

Me and Martin Yan

Thank You!

What's in the goodie bag


  1. Wah! Am so jealous with envy wor! Eh, which one you lah in the pic???? Must use magnifying glass to find you lei! Hehe!

  2. Ekeke..I never imagined I'd get this chance! I'm the one second from left (in blue) ^.^

  3. Hey, you look different from the Facebook pic lah! Errr, is that Sharon you ah??? Oophs! Mungkin I mistaken hor.... :(

  4. That's me! is now longer so I just tie it back. The Facebook one, that shot was taken before going for our reunion extra effort to look nice la. My twitter photo also looks different what! ^.^

  5. Aiyor...ever changing one ar?? But I like jugak! Merry Christmas, dear! Have an Extreme Merry Christmas! :D

  6. wow I like your experience there :)


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