Dec 24, 2011

3 They have a HOME?

Citizens of  the less
What do  they possess
Certainly not a prestigious address!

Some become squatters
Others are low-cost apartment dwellers
Those on the streets? They’re homeless beggars

We’ll give you a 100% loan
We, the Government, we listen to your moan
The poor?…. They groan

Expensive apartments are constructed
Million dollar bungalows are mooted
What’s there for the lower income bracket?

“Material costs are high!”
Developers cry
Their crocodile tears never dry

Home is where the heart is
But how can it be this?
Broken lifts, cramped conditions and graffitis..

~ Sharon D. @ 24 December 2011


  1. A thought provoking post. I do hope that more developers will have better CSR by building more low cost houses for people to be turned into homes for the homeless. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2012, Sharon!

  2. Thank you. A blessed Christmas to you too and Happy New Year! ^.^

  3. in KL for the high priced property
    tengkx Adnxn has to answer it


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