Nov 11, 2012

2 Defining Success

Is it about that highly paid job
Locked in a tiny cubicle with my freedom robbed?
Dressed in short unbreathable pencil skirts
Yet crying foul of the office flirts
Pouring through mounds of paperwork
But insisting, “I’m an executive, not a clerk!”
Composing grammatically correct emails, Cc and Bcc
Proof I’m very important and busy
Walking that corporate gait
Quick steps, back straight
Going for that important meeting
To gain brownie points for public speaking

What an achievement!
What achievement?!
I impress general society
THAT makes me a success ............……how empty.

~ Sharon D. @ 11 November 2012


  1. I agree wif hands n legs up, all up UP! (^.=)

    1. Thanks for UPping my "just-another-day" to "what-a-great-day!" (^.^)


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