Nov 3, 2012

0 Oohing And Aahing Over My New Door Guard

It had to happen I guess. People have been saying that the crime rate has increased noticeably over the years.

I have never taken it very seriously. I rebel at the thought of being told that I cannot walk the land I was born and bred in safely and freely. Where are my rights in the middle of all this unjustified calls that I be more fearful than the devil who robs. Who is their protector that they conquer over us without an ounce of doubt that any repercussions would be light on their conscience. 

While there has been a steady flow of friends and family coming up to me with horrifying accounts of being held at knife point and having their bags snatched, I still felt safe behind the comforting closed doors of home...until recent. This is the year I took extra precautions.

Three of my neighbours had their homes broken into. It was the work of those in-the-know. They knew exactly which units would be completely empty during work days. They also knew how to avoid the many cameras that were installed in every lift and exit/entry point of our apartment building.

If security was poor, the fault did not 100% lie with the guards the building management has hired to keep these unsavoury characters out. The residents themselves had a hand in allowing strangers, without pass cards, to come in. Who can fault them for acting out of compassion.

Some strength is required to pull the latch up
So, Hubs bought some extra locks for the home. One, which enthralled me, was this door guard. It's no ordinary latch.

Not as flimsy as the ones I'm used to seeing from back home when I was child - you know, that squarish steel contraption with holes on its sides for screws, holding a small bar that is slid across to lock it into the other side of the door.

This fancy-looking door guard costs more than the average lock at over a hundred ringgit. After a couple of heave-hos trying to push the door open with my new door guard on, I'm pleased with how solid it felt. ..not to mention that it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Verdict: Worth the investment.

How does it work? You have to pull the latch (with some strength) to the right to lift it open and to lock.................dreadfully complicated to put into words.....

So, here's a video to show you how it works instead..hehe



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