Nov 16, 2012

0 Holiday Inn Melaka - Where Smiling Is Second Nature

Holiday Inn Melaka

Here I was thinking that it was "just another hotel". I do not know if it is like this every other day but I was blessed with a rather good weekend stay at Holiday Inn Melaka during the Merdeka holidays.

Wherever I ventured, with less than a stunning smile, there were cheerful greetings of "good mornings" and "can I help you, ma'am?" to give my lips the boost it needed for a lovely curve. It was surreal. I wasn't used to it. You could say they opened my eyes to the possibility that this level of customer service, though mostly a question mark where I live, is not a hopeless dream.

Oh, and I absolutely love the pool area. It opens up to the big blue sky. Imagine me and my bestie on a big round dull neon pink swimming float bobbing lightly on the small calm waves of the pool, holding some fizzy drink in hand served in a wine glass for humorous class, guffawing over the silliest things.

At Holiday Inn Melaka, they tell you to take it SLOW. Just a signboard I saw on my way out of the parking lot. Stop and smell the roses? I could not find the stop sign anywhere but I was silly enough to try looking for one on my holiday. Aaah, they've succeeded in bringing out the child in me.

On a more serious note, they have ample parking bays for stay-in and banquet guests. Several security personnel can be seen patrolling the area regularly. Lower ground parking is bright and open. Like!

Kiwi Cupcakes
On Saturdays, guests are treated to cupcakes. These are the most scrumptious cupcakes I have ever tasted and the recipe remains a guarded secret. I have asked for it without results. I've even tried cajoling. The only way I can get my hands on it is to volunteer to be their kitchen help for a weekend ...I think, but I am terrible at putting up fronts. They will know I'm a cupcake spy!

Deluxe Room
I really should focus my thoughts on the room and less on that yummy, delicious, mouth-watering, to-die-for cupcake. It is warm and inviting...the room, I mean.

Rooms with large windows give me the feeling that I'm lounging outdoors. I love the idea of not being confined to staring at four walls. There are a lot of things that excite me about this room. For one, I was sad to leave behind the smooth, cool pillows that came with...*sigh*

Neat, we get to choose pillows
I opted for a room facing the Straits of Melaka. My fond attachment to all things with a wide expanse of blue and green is a costly affair. A room with a view always costs a little more..

Breathtaking isn't it?

Reflecting on beautiful clouds
Taken half an hour later. The cloud formation has changed. The sun is hotter.

The bathroom is ok-lah (nothing unique) - simple enough for a good shower.

I wish they had gone a little further by throwing in a bottle of bubble bath soap.

I would have liked a soak in the tub for an hour or so before bedtime. After a full day out in the sun, it would have been heavenly.

That said, the bathroom is sparkling clean and smells as fresh as the morning air. There were plenty of stain free towels to keep me happy.
Other amenities include an iron with ironing board, slippers, bathrobe, some wardrobe hangers, an electric kettle, a weighing scale which I avoided and a safe.

I think they've got us, the guests, pretty much covered comfort-wise.

Other facilities:

The Spa

Sirocco Restaurant
This is the reception area. The staff thoughtfully gave me a map upon check in. It came in very handy and I used it a lot to get around. The discount vouchers are a bonus.  

Lobby full of happy people
A Melaka Map with Discount Coupons - Very useful!

I enjoyed my stay tremendously thanks to their amazing attention to the little details. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says it - I'll be back!


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