Oct 30, 2013

8 Labuan : Layang-Layangan - Just the beach!

Layang-layangan beach, one of my favourite hangouts .... until I moved to the city. Clean, serene, with long stretches of sand ~ the perfect picnic spot? Yeap!

I've not been here for almost a decade. My trips home have always been packed with meeting the relatives, plus an unimaginable amount of time on feasting. I am not kidding when I say that it begins with an early breakfast and goes on until dinner!

So this is a very treasured 30-minute stop just to snap some shots and breathe in the beach air.

Evening beach stroll

A gloomy evening that brought the drizzle.

Sea, sky ..oh, where are you, sun?

Lots of these holes on the sand with small crabs scuttling in and out.
Ahoy! Is anyone in there?! ..

Crab hole

Small wooden boats or sampan, as we call it, tied to a pole near the shore.

The fisherman rests his boats (do you see it? there..in the distance)

Night picnickers setting up the barbeque fire.

A different kind of night life

We passed this resort-like place on our way home. Fancy fencing...

Love the coconut trees view

That's my short beach adventure. We made our way to a local cake stall nearby for late tea (almost dinner, really) after that.


  1. lovely place to play layang layang.. but nowadays don't see anyone doing that

  2. Beautiful beach. Heard so much about Labuan beach from friends.

    1. Popular for barbeques, satay, fried food, telematches and family bonding :)

  3. It's beautiful, Sharon - looks incredibly serene and relaxing. The waves are always crashing against the coastline here in Cornwall!

    1. It is, Abbe..it is. I wish I could've stayed longer!

  4. Nice lah, Sharon! Great place for relaxation :)

    1. I'm thinking more and more about going for a beach picnic..and soon! Lol ^.^


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