Oct 22, 2013

12 The Revamped Garden

This is it ~ the unveiling of my new gardening initiative.

I've been very low key about it. The jitters, you know - a confidence sucker. If plant murder is a crime, I would have been convicted many times in the past. But my new garden is three weeks old now and it's flourishing.

I'm really quite proud of myself, thanks to huge encouragement from gardening enthusiasts in the My Nice Garden Chat  Facebook group.

Small Balcony Garden
(Colourful Coleus - Potted plants on bamboo poles, Mona Lavender - Purple flowers below)

For ideas, I scoured the nurseries along Sungai Buloh, finally settling on a crisscrossed bamboo stand which can be stretched wide to fit perfectly between walls.

The idea is to hang potted plants up to save on floor space.  

Excitement ~ keyword of the day, of which without, there would be no spark of passion and no fruition to dreams. 

These colourful leafy plants (shown below) are called coleus. I've read that it needs good drainage, moist soil and lots of sunlight. It is also advisable to clip off the flowers because it overworks the plant leaving the leaves less vibrant.

I'm quite curious to see how it goes if I keep the flowers.

I hope you have nine lives Mr. Plant because I intend to learn things the hard way. In the meantime, there are new shoots popping out and the plants have grown taller. I wonder if I should just add more pots and replant those...

I have no idea what this pretty pink flowering plant is called ........yet. I water this the most using a spray bottle, almost to a point of addiction. It flowers non-stop and I'm completely mesmerised by it. I'm enthusiastic to see many new shoots growing out.

I'll get back to you, pretty Miss
This is aptly named the Purple Shamrock. I've had this before - kept it in a shady corner for years before the hanging coconut husk pot which was holding the plant gave way. I'm still keeping the coconut husk because I love it so much. It has holes at the bottom. Everytime I water the plant, soil flows through too. I fixed that with a couple of pebbles. Hah!

This was one of the plants that never died on me although I paid very little attention to it. I water it once in awhile. It's no surprise why I like it. So I thought to myself, "Why not again?"

I'm planting it in a different corner this time and in a pot weaved out of branches. It is now exposed to late afternoon sun for a couple of hours everyday. My fingers have been crossed for three weeks now. It has kinda spread out beautifully.

Purple Shamrock

I end my plant post with a quote :

Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.
~ Jeremy Bentham


  1. Oh. It is so beautiful, Sharon. And neat and colourful too.

    Oh, now I know it is called Purple Shamrock. I have two pots at home in Kuching. Wonder they are still alive or not. My mum told me my plants are barely alive because seldom watered them. Sigh.

    1. Thank you, Rose. I'll have my fingers crossed for your plants too ♥

  2. OMG !! So nice with so much life !! Absolutely love it ..

    1. Thanks, Ee. I'm on my way to domestic Goddess-hood!

  3. OMG, your garden is gorgeous! Sharon, wanna come over & make me a garden?? Hahaha!

    1. Wanttt...do I get Nandos chicken as reward? *hint* *hint* Haha

  4. The coleus are so pretty, Sharon. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Abbe. It has grown so fast ~ I think I may have to re-pot some of them already!

  5. Sweet, i want a garden like this too!
    How did u hang those pots?

    1. I pushed a long 'twist tie' through the holes at the bottom of the pot, Ez Vina and then tied and twisted it onto the bamboo poles. Perhaps I should have posted a photo..haha ..several people have asked me the same! ^.^


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