Oct 16, 2013

8 The Messy Garden

My plot of green. ...before the revamp.

I woke up one morning and asked myself, "Is THIS really the best you can do about it?", while rolling eyes at the little jungle I had nurtured before me.

This is where I spend most evenings watching the sunset. It's also our corner for "romantic dinners". I wonder how Man feels about having his meals on a balcony surrounded by a mishmash of plants that seemed happy to grow where they please.

A state of before!

I've had these impossible-to-die-off  plants for years. It is watered often < ----  sums up my gardening duties.

However, a new me has emerged since fateful morning of green-lightenment. I set out to re-do, with a goal to maintain and change what I plant once in awhile.

I spent a couple of hours just removing roots... arghhhHh!

Roots everywhere!

More and more roots...*sigh* ..is there no end?

Finally! Mixed and layered the soil. I could not resist the bit of layering because I've watched too many documentaries showing earth in layers of soil and rock. Silly me.

Brown soil at the bottom, pebbles mixed in and organic black soil on top

This potted plant is now indoors. Funny thing about it? It appeared out of nowhere. I've had this pot with a cactus growing in it for years. This spread of green popped out of hibernation one fine day of sunshine and dominated the pot. I've had to pull the poor cactus out in the end.

Potted greens on a melange of rocks collected from Port Dickson beach

This money plant is going out to a friend.

Money plant

My new garden is almost three weeks old now. It's alive with colours and much bushier. I'm pretty sure it's because I pay so much attention to it now ~ plant fertilizers, trimming, the constant water-spray...uh, oh..is this grinning person overdoing it? ....oh, but I am so drawn to my now not-entirely-green corner that it's hard not to check for weeds, on moisture and all!

Picture..next week! There's just too many photos for me to put up in one blog post.


  1. You make me miss my garden in Kuching. My mum told me most flowers and plants not so green because no one taking care and water them often. haha.

    You can trabsfer the money plant to bigger pot and they will grow very big and nice. :)

    1. Awww.....thanks for the tip, Rose. Your plants in Kuching must be missing you a lot too! :)

  2. I love makeovers! Honestly can't wait to see the finsihed product :D xx

    1. And that's just one corner, Abbe. I'm still working on the rest ^.^

  3. Wow, didn't know you've green hands! Impressive, Sharon!

    1. Thanks for the motivation, Shirley..haha ^.^

  4. money plant bring lots of $$$$

    1. Lol...I guess buying the lottery is a good idea? ^.^


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