Apr 12, 2014

8 The Sunny Side Of A Fried Egg

"You're a good egg," they said.

"Sunny or scrambled? " I asked.

Grandma's Fried Egg

Things were simpler in the good ol' days. This is what I call the 'fast food' of our time. 

I liked staying with Grandma. She always made me my favourite food, which was one fried egg drizzled with a mix of soy sauce and oil. I would mix this into my plate of rice and it would be gone in minutes.

The way I look at it, Grandma was a genius. She spends only a couple of minutes making our meals daily!

It looks a little like Jack the Pumpkin King

Nutrition and a balanced diet? I think that's a job for parents. Grandmas should always be about cookies and cream...or fried eggs.


  1. the egg yolk one big one small haha
    but it's cute
    and I think if I'm still a kid
    I will be happy to see this in my breakfast or lunch
    Gone are the days...now the kids are more blessed with choices

    1. The egg was trying to give you a wink, Emily..haha ^.^

  2. Nothing goes wrong with fried egg. I like sunny side up.

    Your grandma is a genius!

  3. Wish my grandma is still around to cook for me.......

  4. smile... very nice breakfast in the morning. be happy.


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