May 28, 2014

18 Growing Edibles, Gardening Jargon

The first seed of parsley, cili padi (bird's eye chili) and coriander was tenderly stuck into soil months ago. I blogged about it here.

Coriander never saw the light of day.... I'm just being funny, but I am devastated that nothing came out of those seeds because it happens to be my favourite herb. I use bunches of it!

I decided I could wait no longer and planted vegetables over the same patch. It's not that I've given up hope. I am a great believer of miracles, having watch a ton of Disney cartoons. I have faith that one day in between green foliage of pak choy, a coriander sprout will burst out of the ground and thrive like the rainforest of Borneo. And I will have a field day slashing generous bunches of fresh coriander for that pot of green curry.

In the meantime, spring onions have become my next best friend because it's the easiest to grow. I also added several other edibles to my little garden, like ginger and the white stemmed pak choy.

Here's a little peek on how some of my plants are doing.

The cili padi tree stands seven inches tall. Will I be seeing chilies soon? I'm quite sure I will!

Cili Padi

This parsley is two-and-a-half inches tall. Two other sprouts are coming along really slowly. Parsley, to me, would be a tortoise if it were an animal.


Pak choy sprouting quickly! I still don't see any coriander. Do you?

White-stemmed Pak Choy

As I delved deeper into gardening, I learned some new words and names along the way.

Mealybug - A really tiny insect that resembles white cotton candy. I brought it home via an infected Portulaca. It first attacked my Mona Lavender. Then, it went for my ten-year-old cactus. That miffed me. I had to trim my plants bald and say goodbye to my cactus. The nerve of some insects...hmmph!

Germinate - Really, this is a happy word. It means that the seeds are developing into shoots. Woots!

Compost - Decomposing organic matter used as soil fertiliser. Ugh! 

Perennial - An everlasting plant. That would be my cactus, I believe...if not for mealybugs!

Bolt - When a leafy vegetable (mostly) prematurely flowers to produce seeds before you can harvest the crop. It hasn't happened to me ...yet. I can't decide whether to look forward to this or not - it would be exciting to harvest your own seeds, right?

Growing Edibles - Growing food plants.

Right, that's all about my gardening. Now, to share about a great green initiative I discovered while surfing the net. Are you someone who's concerned about the environment and want to help? Then, the Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur is a great place to start! Check their Facebook page and website for details.

They give out little plants on environmental days. If your home is bare of any, this really is the best thing you can do for Mother Earth. Get some and green up!

A green thumb spirit is all you need to get that garden growing!


  1. Thanks for the gardening jargon. Is it me or I am unable to see your pictures from my phone?

    I love coriander and parsleys! Great for almost everything in garnish and added flavours.

    1. You're welcome, Rose. Uh-oh...I'm not sure. Is it happening for just this post? The pictures are appearing on my phone ("^.^)

    2. Ok, maybe priblem with internet just now. Now I can see them. Lovely plants. They are growing beautifully.

  2. I enjoy planting veggie as well, but most of the time without success :(

  3. Good luck with all that growing, Sharon. I hope they all do well despite the parsley going at that pace. I love the comparison!!

  4. such adorable plants....this year we could not grow any was so sunny for the past few months...even the perennials found it hard but its quite all right now and your initiative is just encouraging us to grow some herbs afresh,thanks so much for the inspiration :-)

  5. Sharon, your plants are growing beautifully.

  6. Mealybug - I know him. My rose is dead because of this.

    1. Oh dear, that is sad. They almost wiped out my garden!

  7. Here we usually buy parsley as a plant and then plant it, because you are right. It is very slow. But i am really surprised that the coriander didn't work. Here it does really well in the spring because it likes the cooler climates. I love the surprise of gardening, but my favorite part is the harvest!

    1. Mine too, Abbe. I keep wishing for my plants to grow faster so that I can harvest and harvest! Aaah..the coriander. Perhaps it is our humid weather that's causing it. I'll try planting it in a cool shady area to see if that will work ;)


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