Oct 27, 2015

12 An Interest In Comping

Besides blogging, my other love is comping. I'm casual where both are concerned, as in not leaning to doing it so frequently that it consumes my days. For me, these are great ways to exercise the mind and a good way of spending my internet time.

..the practice of entering competitions, especially those promoting consumer products.
~ Google definition

Participating is a wonderful way to show support for a brand we like. I do it also in appreciation of the people who took the time to organise contests, which is no easy task considering there's a lot to do behind the scenes. It's not possible to reward every fan, of course. Therefore, prizes are limited and in being fair to all, contests are a great way of determining who gets the reward.

I am funnily gripped by this feeling of, "Oh, why isn't anyone interested in joining this giveaway? That's so unsporting of us." , when there's low participation. I find my concern hilarious. I guess I'm soft-hearted over things I enjoy doing. Haha that. So, I make it a point to join contests that my blog friends organise - those open for Malaysians to participate.

There is only one thing that holds me back - If I have already won! Then, I would refrain from submitting an entry for awhile because it just doesn't feel right to do so. Plus I don't participate in contests for the sake of getting a freebie. I wouldn't join a giveaway run by Nicotine Anonymous to win a nicotine patch - that would be taking from those who need help, assuming I won. Looks like there's two things that keep me from submitting an entry.

Occasionally, for my effort, I am blessed with prizes. I was happy to receive this package (pictured below) last week. It was won from an international giveaway run by Shirley of Luxury Haven. I have yet to try the product and samples. I'm aiming to finish the ones I'm currently on before I do!

It's arrived!

It is always exciting to receive good stuff.


However, all is not roses in the comping world. These are some of the things I've seen :

1) Giveaway scams - Be wary if the prizes are too many and too wonderful to be true. Check the source of the giveaway -  who is running it, contact details and so forth. For Facebook giveaways, the first tell tale sign would be a suspicious email address and no further information. Why would you give your details or add a 'like' to a page that's out to use you to further their gains without being truthful about who they are and what they want it for?

2) There will be cheaters. Yes, that person who steals your slogan, copies brilliantly written sentences off the net or use other people's photos. There are also people who create hundreds of fake accounts to vote for themselves in voting contests. Take the time to report them, with proof, via the right channel. Reputable organisers will disqualify the parties concerned.

This is a trustworthy site to follow for contest updates (Malaysia only), if anyone's keen : eMenang (https://www.facebook.com/emenangdotcom). Sharing is caring - that's what I'm doing!

I'm curious - what's your favourite thing to do online?


  1. You are one lucky gal. Ok. Now I learn a new word. Comping!

    1. Haha...join me, Rose - it's interesting! ;)

  2. Thanks...Yea there are many cheaters., Some cant even write their own profile and copied directly other blogger's profile. When confronted...die die say it's own words.

    Some pulak do review....copied from other bloggers or magazine directly and then claim as own feeling.

    1. Haaa... makes me wonder how anyone who does these things are able sleep well at night!

  3. Congrats! you are so lucky to be the winner.

  4. That's a new word for me :-)) Congrats for the win, Sharon!

  5. I love gift, bit too lazy to enter any competition. So not comping for me :)

    1. Laaa.... Ez. I would love your company! ^.^

  6. i go online shopping and reading articles. Sharon! great win. Thank you I learn new vocab here.


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