Oct 2, 2015

8 Visiting SPCA, Selangor (The New Eco-Animal Shelter)

A friend asked for a ride to SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), to get her cats neutered. I readily agreed because I was excited to see the new facility!

To get an idea what the old SPCA looks like and what the plans for the RM3mil eco-animal shelter are, click here and here. I gathered from a couple of news portals that the new facility is expected to house 450 animals, about a hundred more than it could before. It has been open for public visits since July, but is clearly still a work-in-progress.

SPCA is well known for helping abused and abandoned furry friends, and they are always striving to go further. Their new facility, although not perfect, is a good start to something wonderful!

Here are some pictures I took of the place:

Welcome To The Spanking New SPCA, Selangor

This, I believe, is where animal lovers will be taught how to handle their pets.

Education Centre

The buildings at the back (pictured below) are where stray dogs will be housed short-term. Part of the roof is covered with canvas, which looks to be temporary. As I mentioned earlier, work-in-progress!   

SPCA makes hard decisions to euthanise strays that do not find homes due to limited space. They are striving to be a no-kill centre with this eco-friendly shelter, but I wonder if there are enough kennels for that to happen. I'm guessing that it will take awhile longer to realise this dream.

An Overview Of The Dog Kennel Buldings

In honest, I'm not getting a good vibe about the kennels. Compared to the old ones, it is of gloomy hopelessness. However, I'm keeping an open mind until the roof is properly in place. Perhaps there's a transparent piece in between the roof tiles for a little light to shine in.

Dog Kennels

This compound is called the 'Adventure Park'. It's an exercise area for the furry friends. A very fun place to be with small balls for them to play with and a wire tunnel for them to run through. Imagine if a group of gardeners volunteered to spruce this place up. 'Happening' would be the word!

Adventure Park

I was looking forward to seeing the 'cat studios and cat mansion with hybrid cage/aviary design' , but couldn't find anything close to this description. It's probably still under construction. I did, however, find a fluorescent-lit room housing some cats.

Cat Confinement

'Rainwater recycling and natural groundwater usage' is one of the highlights of SPCA's new centre. It's a brilliant initiative that deserves praise. I regret not asking someone to show me how it looked/works.

This (pictured below) could be where they hope to recycle rainwater. At the moment, there is only murky water. The same goes for the other pool I saw at the corner.

The Murky Water Pool

No prizes for guessing what this place is for! Food preparation, of course.

Well, that's that on my walkabout at SPCA.

Before I end, here's a little advice from my gf,  who's a true-blue furry friend lover :

1) Neuter your pets.
This reduces the number of strays and stops you from pleading for people to 'help take in the puppies or kittens' because you can't handle that many of them. Your guess is as good as mine as to what may happen, if no one steps forward.

2) Adopt, don't buy.
Yep, if you want to get a dog or a cat, drop by an animal shelter to adopt one. Don't support inhumane puppy mills. Plus, you'd be saving a life.


  1. I have never been to the one in Kuching. I agreed, just adopt, dont buy.

    1. If you ever do drop by the one in Kuching, please post pics, Rose. I'm curious to see! ^.^

  2. I have heard so much about SPCA but I have not been to the one in Ipoh. I hope more could be done to help the strays on the road.

    1. I hope so too. It's heart-wrenching to see abandoned pets and strays out in the cold, with no food.

  3. You didn't adopt any pets for yourself, Sharon? I love doggies! xoxo

    1. Me too, Shirley! I haven't cared for one every since moving to a high-rise. It's 'not allowed' here. :)

  4. it looks fun and interesting
    I do agree with your point that they need to have some transparent pieces at the roof there too

    1. Yes, I think a little light goes a long way. :)


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