Mar 9, 2011

0 Baked Prawn with Mayo topping ...

Just something I whipped up the other day for dinner. The recipe? I don't have anything with exact measurements (except for the length of the prawn, if you think that counts). I'm not a stickler.

There are days I totally mess up and days my dish turns out astonishingly well. This is one of those moments when I'm ecstatic over the outcome and bowled over by the flavour.  

While I don't follow any recipe to the dot, I do spend some time thinking about the how-to and the what-goes-in bit. That's how this yummy dish came hour of pondering. ..wooOo

Spirals, Pea Sprouts and the 7-inch Prawn!

Love this combi - Think I'll make it again

The how-to:
- Stuff prawn with a mixture of mayo (couple of tablespoons), butter (a small dollop), cheese (sprinkle to liking) and corn (from the can, non-creamy).

- Bake 20 mins or so in oven at 180 C

- Garnish with fried chopped garlic ..voila!


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