Mar 26, 2011

0 Been there, not done that! 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The sun just broke through the clouds. It was only 8-ish and tickets for the tethered rides were already sold out.

I had hoped to be amongst the foolish excited few who would fork out money just to sit in a hot air balloon, which goes not very high up by the way and, comes down in minutes. It seemed like an acivity which could only amuse the older, responsibilities-tamed set. 

Boy, was I wrong. There were eager beavers of all ages and some had camped there since 3am. How was I to compete... I was still in La-La land at 6am, and barely lifted my eyelids when the alarm rang.

It was nonetheless a fun outing. I truly enjoyed the walkabout because of the many hot air balloons that graced the morning sky. A sight to behold, it is.

Firing up the Hot Air Balloons

Weee...! Doraemon

It's the cutest

Most unique

Eco message

Elephants roam the Earth

Don't be sad

Be happy!

Darth Vader's searching for his missing body

Look ma, no basket!

Tethered rides

Ok...what is this..



Meals on wheels

And that's that - 1Malaysia, we're all here


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