Mar 4, 2011

0 Beastly - Don't be a beast ..there are consequences

A modern take on the classic Beauty and The Beast. I love this tale because it's a valuable reminder that it is what we have inside us that counts toward a fulfilling life.

Starring Alex Pettyfer as the Beast (Kyle/Hunter) and Vanessa Hudgens as the Beauty (Lindy), this movie could easily be mistaken for something too 'teensy' for this lady who's reaching her 4th decade. But don't be too quick to judge a book by its cover, I enjoyed it!

While it did not exactly move mountains for me, I found the film entertaining nonetheless, thanks to Neil Patrick Harris who played a positive thinking blind teacher with comical assertions. Oh, he made me laugh ...a lot. I looked forward to his scenes and really wished he had more screen time.

Mary-Kate Olsen did not fail to impress as the witch. The role suited her perfectly, down to the wardrobe.

My only grouse would be how the film ended, where the Kyle had magically transformed to his former handsome self. I felt like I was robbed of the perfect moment and my emotions were reined in too drastically following the rushed closure. Allow me to explain. 

Lindy did not see Kyle's transformation. She should have been more surprised and confused that the beast that she loved was really the school jerk. If you hadn't seen witchcraft before, would believe it? I would have expected her to do more than just call his mobile to verify the truth.

That last bit of acting from Vanessa Hudgens also came across a bit too unconvincingly and it just spoiled the moment for me.

Tickets courtesy of Cinema Online, from a contest.


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