Mar 2, 2011

0 A movie treat - Sanctum

Thunder Match graciously treated a hundred of their facebook fans to the movies and I was amongst the lucky lot.

It's been awhile since I last visited the cinemas, a long break spent in fun-filled days entertaining family members and friends from all corners of the country. I was pretty much looking forward to getting into the groove again.

We were initially told to collect our tickets between Saturday and Monday. I chose Sunday....yes, a Sunday! So I got out of bed bright and early, cheerfully made my way to Thunder Match's office in Berjaya Times Square, only to find out that Sundays were off days for the team administering the event. Gah!

I thought I'd have to make my way there again the next day, but nice guys that they were, we were all after that allowed to collect our tickets on movie night itself.

The generosity did not end there. We each received a goodie bag! How cool is that? I absolutely loved it.

Those huge bags are a perfect fit for our current "no plastic bag" social awareness campaign. Perfect because it can be reused over and over again.

In the goodie bag: Tissue packs, Pens, Notepads
Useful stuff

The movie (Sanctum) itself was a nail biting affair. I didn't know who was going to die how next. They were very creative in this context. I kid not.

Is this one of those movies where everyone dies? I'm not here to write a review but if I've learnt anything here, it is, "There's no turning back once you're in too deep".


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