Sep 28, 2011

2 Noodles in Fish Head Soup with oh-so-large prawns

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Three best friends stopped by for lunch in a corner shop located just off Jalan Ipoh (along The Store Supermarket). I certainly wasn't expecting anything outstanding when I placed an order for noodles in fish head soup topped with prawns and fish slices.

It's just jaw-dropping to find gems in a less-than peachy looking eatery filled with the usual greasy stalls selling char kueh teow, curry mee and the sort. The saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" falls true! I am so guilty of that and have probably missed trying many other amazing food in my narrow-minded view of things.

Oh, my tastebuds went wild with excitement. It was love at first gulp. I was just  tempted to keep going until the very last slurp. Fresh prawns added to the explosion of flavours and colours. I just love good looking food.

The RM11 price matches the generous portion, but not the place.

Large meehoon noodles in fish soup w/ prawns and slices of fish
Egg gravy style

Introducing the amazing stall


  1. Hey, you got me drooling lei! Non fried fish head with those big prawns???? Unbelievable! Got Chinese wine in the soup or not??? Their chilly padi cukup pedas also ke??? If yes, I shall be there soon!!! Yeay! Jumpa satu lagi tempat makan! Thanks Sharon!

  2. Haha..I did not try the chilli ..the soup is milky, I don't taste any Chinese wine.

    Fish slice is fried very lightly, but still yummy!! I was there last week too ^.^


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