Mar 9, 2012

4 The Calamity of Calories, Mat Salai delivers

For some of us, it's clearly reflected in the spare tyre around our belly and if I'm not careful, mine will be reaching the diameter of a four-wheel drive.

Aaah, where is my resolve. Defeated by a greasy burger, a hundred times tastier than the average Mc D's.... a hundred times tastier...
Somewhere around Desa Sri Hartamas is Mat Salai, a local initiative, selling burgers in a small kiosk. 

I thought I'd give it a try, so here it is. One bite affirmed my initial saliva-drooling thought that it could only taste heavenly, but when was the last time I ever really complained about anything I ate anyway. Sigh..

The packaging and oh, a website!

It says "Eat without fear"

Laden with sauce

Juicy, juicy


  1. This burger looks like pizza. So it tasted good?

  2. Tasted really good but I doubt my assessment today. Lol. I seem to enjoy a lot of what I eat!

  3. No no..young lady @colouredpixels, we had a deal. Mutton peretal's first in line!


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