Mar 23, 2012

3 Still growing up

Inane activities of two friends who have yet to master the gentility of womanhood. I'm on the brink of my forties and still, I struggle to attain this "refinement" that's been etched in my mind since young. Mom's always insisting that I put on lipstick whenever I leave the house...that I dress up for guests. Any show of real emotion is held in check to maintain a certain ladylike-ness.

I've become more laid back since I left home and I'm really comfortable with it. I guess there are seasons in my life. Be this Summer since life is more colourful now and I am easily lulled into excitement over the most silliest things. Child-like curiosity..I still have it! That is something to shout about, surely.

"Hey Sha, is that ....?" Jen started.

"Oh my God! It's Hush Puppies!" I responded, pulling her along. Not that I own a pair..

There was no time for us to question the logic of our actions, we'd already asked for the store assistant's help to snap a photo of the two of us together.

Next thing we knew, a small crowd had gathered, a mini photo session was underway.

And that was my wonderful weekend.


  1. Hahaha! I was expecting a full write up of your childhood n life story n u pop Hush Puppies reality up! Aiyah, kill all scenes! But it is a lovely picture! Yah, that girl in blue could not be you! Wakakaka!
    Have a great weekend, my favourite girl! ;D

  2. HAHAHA...easily distracted lar..random thought of Hush Puppies just popped up ^.^

  3. Sharon dear, I'd just posted a blog post at Lion Girl Yacky Yack (my new blog) after reading this post of yours! Some memories of the good old days...


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