Jul 25, 2012

0 Feasting on Durians

Tis the season.. for Durians and  I've had my fair share of feasting, in a small way.

I say small because I can't get past more than three pieces per session without starting to feel uncomfortable. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. My friends have fallen victim to Mr. Sore Throat. I can hear croaks of disapproval whilst I continue my little Durian expedition.

Durian has come a long way, more complicated than how I used to see it back in my kampung (village). You pick one and gobble it all up. That's all there was to it. These days, there's D24, D2, Musang King, Red Prawn and what sort.

"What? ..Any one lar, Uncle. I just want to eat!"
,I explained to one Durian seller years ago. It was then that I was introduced to varieties and the price that came with.

Now, I'm more Durian savvy. So, when close family friends from my hometown ..?? ..my BFF.. stayed over one weekend, hubby and I took the opportunity to introduce them to "Musang King". Like me before, they had never heard of it. 

We baited them with words like "Creamy", "Rich", "Heavenly", "Premium" and "Stanley Ho". 

By the next day, everyone including us, was pumped up for a taste. We landed ourselves in SS2 at Donald's. There was a good haul of Musang King for sale there.
Choosing our Durians
 The nice weather serves only to whet our appetite.

Blue skies and the outdoorsy feel
The feasting began as soon as the Durians were selected from the basket.

Breaking the Durian open
My, my!
Musang King is well known for its delectable flesh and pricier tag, costing between RM20-RM35 per kilo on average. It's a once in a season treat for us and in great company, it's extra special, very much like the ice-cream ordered on top of Ais Kacang (Malaysian ice dessert).


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