Jul 26, 2012

0 Of chopsticks and food

Yummier with chopsticks!
I've a love for eating with chopsticks. Not just any chopsticks though. I particularly like the ones made from wood.

Now, while I enjoy using chopsticks, I have never learned to hold it correctly. Boo.

There are times no matter how I twist and turn, the food just slips through. In the privacy of home, desperate measures calls for using the fork instead. In public, I try my best to avoid food that look too challenging to handle.

Other than that, I'm happy with using chopsticks for just about anything - Cinnabon rolls, doughnuts, Famous Amos cookies and even fruits, like the Durian.

The benefits? My hands are clean...but really, I find that food tastes better this way *cross my heart*


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