Jul 12, 2012

0 Stop! Love is in the air ..

And then there are days when people just touch you with their creativity. I saw these heart-shaped traffic lights in Subang Jaya more than a month back.

Love is in the intersection
I'm not sure if it's still there but it made an impact on how I felt all over. I was smiling inside out. I guess I'm easily entertained.

It was a good stop. I was reminded about love, to drive with care for the sake of loved ones, to be patient with my fellow drivers, to put up my hand in a friendly wave when I wanted to cut in - all that warm fuzzy feeling and happy thoughts in one traffic light.

In the midst of all that mushy-ness, there were questions that plagued my curious nature, unimportant, but keen-to-know.

Was this done in the stealth of night? What were they thinking? Are they rebels of conformity? Can I join the gang ...? ..Kidding.

Black cut-out cardboard

Some people think it's a bad joke. I think if you're going to speed over the red light, it doesn't matter if the traffic lights are round, square or triangle!

A person of good character will always know right from wrong. No shape or size of a warning signboard will change that. The "Do Not Litter, Fine RM$$" signage is perfect example, with bags of rubbish dumped under it, don't you think?


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