Dec 7, 2012

4 A Plant Casualty..

May you rest in peace, old girl...

I just got back from a week-long holiday to find one of my plants in a devastating state of shriveled mess.

"Miss Plant? Miss Plant?... Speak to me!"

I ran for water of course, to try resuscitating it. It was all a bit dramatic with my heart skipping a beat in between and g-r-e-a-t concern plastered across my face.

Four long days later, with no signs of life, I guess it's time to move on.

It is not that my home is void of people. It's just that we each have our own opinion of what's "important".

I cannot imagine having to babysit a friend's collection of football paraphernalia either so I guess it would too much for me to assume anyone would want to babysit my plants...hmmph!


  1. Oh, Sharon, your plant went to heaven while waiting for you to come home! But nevermind, it is now your 'Garden Angel' helping you from above ;-)

    By the way, thanks for visiting my latest blog post. Would you like to participate in my Lucky Draw contest? - you need to answer 1 question and post the answer in my comment section.

  2. Haha.. that's a very nice way to put it. I guess it is in heaven! My Garden Angel speaks no evil, does no evil and hears no evil ^.^

    I'd love to join the contest and I'll spread the word too. I was being shy-lah.

  3. Sharon ah Sharon, many of my plants went to heaven too (hopefully none landed themselves in hell! Haha!) So, nowadays, I only have durable plants that can go without water or will not die when fed with too much water! Hehehe... Like that hor, we will still be smiling when we open our gate after a long holiday!
    "Plantsy, I am home!"

  4. An experienced traveler will know this hor. I'm still a newbie. By the way, all plants go to Heaven and they become our "Garden Angel"..take it from Autumn Belle ^.^


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