Dec 23, 2012

0 In The Spirit Of Things

I love getting into the spirit of things although I'm not religiously pious. It's an excuse for get-togethers that are out of the norm. The norm, that is, a meal outside at some restaurant, with plain old chit-chat. Festivals on the other hand adds a little splendour to it all with decorations and little fun activities done together. It reminds us to love, forgive and forget.

The Winter Solstice Festival fell on the 21st December this year - a date synonymous with the Mayan prophesied doomsday..Booyah! We're still here!.  In our family, having tangyuan is a must because it symbolizes family togetherness. I cooked some store bought ones with sweet ginger syrup. We all need a little shortcut once in awhile.

TangYuan - Rice glutinous balls
With Christmas around the corner, I was kept on my feet for the whole week from cleaning the home to putting up decorative elements and going on full-day outings with friends. It is often said that we put on weight during the festive season but at the rate I'm going, I'm pretty sure the weighing scale will beg to disagree.

In the midst of dressing my home with all things Christmassy, I have stubbed my toe more than twice, bruised my arms and legs and had close calls to slipping. I look the part of the battered wife. Unfortunately, this isn't a big toe hurts. There is a triangular mark of blue-black on it. It looks like an undecorated Christmas tree. Perhaps it is a sign that I should get a new pair of shoes to get into the festivity of things...*random thought*. That will be the day!

By the end of it, I was pleasantly pleased with the transformation of my home. I would have put in a fireplace but that would surely be a mockery of my roots. A fireplace in my country? Bah! That's what happens when you watch too much TV. You start thinking in a certain way how things should look because this is what is played over scenes of romance and cosy family cuddles.

The task of doing up the home for any festive season may seem monumental but I make the effort every year because the warm memories add beautiful pages into my life.

The dining table is dressed for the occasion. Are you?

Chocolates for the kids..big and small

The Christmas Tree


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