Dec 9, 2012

2 Oh, my God..a Facebook status opportunity!

Gen and I were in queue to check our luggage in at Air Asia's baggage drop off counter when something caught our eye in the next line.

"Gen, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

" have to take pictures! Can you zoom in?"

"It's too small. My camera's not that canggih-lah." - canggih, meaning "advanced".

We were a little disappointed with the photo results and that spurred us to gear up for a better shot. So once we got to the front and checked our luggage in, we took a couple of huge strides to the other line, I flipped my camera out and snapped a photo. Flash!

Christ was caught by surprise. He looked just about to get up from the counter but we had already walked away like nothing had happened, triumphantly reviewing the snapshot on camera. I reckon he must be shaking his head and going,"These aunties arh!"

Sorry, Christ. This photo's just too good not to be on Facebook.



  1. Alleuia!! You are so lucky to be served by him, hor? Hahaha!
    (^ . ^)

  2. Yalor..hahaha may find him in LCCT, KL - baggage drop for domestic flights ;)


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