Dec 16, 2012

6 My Little Paint Project

I'd been thinking about re-painting the guest room for ages. I've always felt that it needed to be a little brighter and in more cheerful colours, but I've never made the move to do it. Perhaps I didn't think it was THAT important.

Who knew that these thoughts would become a reality one day..

After encouraging response from people at home, I placed an order with Nippon, the paint specialist.

Yesterday, I started on my little paint project.

Little? < ---- understatement of the year.

I would have covered myself with some sort of protection if I wasn't feeling overly gung ho about it. My judgement was clouded for a moment there. It didn't take long for me to realise the folly of just "getting down to it".

It started with me losing patience over opening the can of paint. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the cover to budge. Frustrated, I grabbed a pair of scissors and pried it open...a little too hard. Splat!!

"Omigosh! My face! My face!"

I stumbled dramatically into the bathroom like a victim of an alien attack. I could only see through the little opening I could afford between my eyes. There was a splash of  thick paint right in the middle. I looked like I had web on my face and a spot of grey hair. Thank goodness this was water-based paint and it washed off easily. That unexpected exercise delayed my paint project by almost an hour.

I returned to the room to realise that the mess was worse than I expected. The longest sigh escaped my lips as I assessed the damage. I got down on my knees and began scrubbing paint off the floor.

By the time I actually began painting the walls, I was hungry and exhausted. How embarrassing for me.

Have you ever felt like you just didn't want to care anymore? That's how I felt that moment. I became possessed by the "can-do" spirit. Nothing was going to stop me from doing this, I thought. Big strokes, up, down - the mantra I chanted, to keep myself going. The only protection I had on was a shower cap. The worst had passed, surely.

The end of the day saw me admiring two freshly painted walls. I was so pleased with myself although I had paint everywhere on me. At the same time, my hair was given a homemade steam treatment.

Aaah, what a day I have had. Today, I painted the rest of the walls. I am excited to see the overall results especially the corner where I attempted some creative paintwork. Nothing fancy for this first-timer. 

I'll be seeing the fruit of my labour soon. For now, I wait impatiently for the paint to dry. Fingers crossed that it turns out well.

Phew..this is a lot of work



  1. You poor thing... The cover is always very hard to come off, thank God you didn't fall into the can. ROFL! Ok, I'm being mean. Seriously, it's not an easy task, but you DID IT! So, be proud of yourself. Even if you didn't get the paint within the borders and the paint edges don't look straight! *wink* *wink* A piece of art nonetheless... Proud of you girl! *wiping the tears from my eyes* I'd love to see the results, Sharon. Picture, please...

    1. Those had better be tears of joy for my awesome ability to paint artistically..LOL ^.^

  2. Good job BFF! Well done for sticking to it. Can we be your guests on 31st?

    1. Awww..most definitely. I look forward to toasting the New Year in with you ^.^

  3. wow noticed you always paint your room
    haha that's good and hardworking :D

    1. I live in a small apartment. To get someone to paint for me seems a waste of money ;)


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