Oct 16, 2015

8 On Keeping Mum ..s

I've been waiting for these yellow mums to bloom for close to eight months.

In the beginning, I pinched away the unopened buds because they were dying off on the stems. I stopped doing it when it didn't seem to end - one bud after another! Exhausting, I say.

Earlier in the week however, I was excited to see some yellow petals peeking out. A good sign, I thought! But four-five days in, it stayed selfishly in a cocoon shape.

As I stared at the buds again this morning, I frowned at this little buddy which seemed to be giving me the finger. Gasp!

Yellow Mums

Well, I am not perturbed! I will continue to wait patiently.

Just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~ Hans Christian Andersen 


  1. Lol. The cute little yellow finger. I guess you just need to be patient to see the little beauty bloom.

  2. I just love your little garden.

  3. oh gosh! that lil thing just show us that offensive sign. I think it will become less offensive when it start to bloom.hehehe

  4. wish to see your update on the flower blooming soon


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