Apr 5, 2011

0 At The Loaf, KLCC

When my brother was down in KL for a technical course, I took the opportunity to invite him out for dinner at The Loaf. The Loaf is known for its pricey-ness, but I had vouchers to ease the burden it would cause to my thinning wallet.

Dinner at The Loaf proved amazing, with the food being complemented by excellent service. I enjoyed my bites and every savouring moment.

I'm rarely comfortable in high end restaurants. I always felt I needed to 'fit in', with that regal tilt of my chin and shoulders pushed back. It was the warm and friendly waiter who relaxed me into a slouching position. As a result, I had a great time catching up with my brother and on all that small town gossip.
Vouchers - RM100 in total

The entrance from inside the mall

Romantic settings

Royal Seafood Pasta - RM 55

Rib-eye steak - RM58

Salmon Oelek - Indonesian style, flavourful - RM44



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