Apr 9, 2011

1 NiCE Express Bus - Nice or not?

It's been a long time since I  rode a bus and this short trip to Penang provided the perfect opportunity to catch up on what I have been missing during my heydays as a daredevil passenger who used to hang on the sides of the bus because she had the knack of being the last one to get on. Rushing in just wasn't my style, so I usually paid the price of being left on the edge.

This bus ride, however, was different. I was excited, a feeling intensified with the knowledge that I was going first class on NiCE Executive Express Coach.

It was NiCE, having a lighter wallet.

"Of course not, this had better be worth it!", I thought.

Five minutes into the journey, I was feeling the smile from the sun and basking in the cool air conditioning. Heavenly.

The other passengers began adjusting their seats for better comfort. To my woe, the gentleman in front of me leaned back a little too much. I say that because I was stuck with an uncomfortable view of his unkempt hair and it just seemed wrong to have someone's head this close to you for five hours or so.

"Oh no, surely I didn't fork out RM74 to have this in my face the entire trip home? Is that hair cream I'm smelling? It's awful.", I dramatised in my mind.

The urge to just reach out and give it a good scrub was distracting my inner peace. 

It was a blessing they had an in-house telly we could watch. There was Harry Potter and Brad Pitt. It was a tough choice, not. Brad Pitt...now that's a good distraction. I was lulled into content in my childlike worship of goodlooking Hollywood stars. I wish I'd grow up.

A slim hostess in a tight miniskirt attended to us. I silently praised her balancing skills as she traversed the aisle to serve our snacks in the moving bus. I could barely sip my drink without missing a heartbeat, but finish my meal I did with a faint smile of accomplishment as I silently gave myself a pat on the back for not spilling my tea.

Well fed, well entertained and well attended to. NiCE.

The RM74 ticket

Comfy seats of purple

My front view..darn it all

Strawberry dipped doughnut and a long bun with spicy filling

Brad Pitt...that's more like it


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