Apr 21, 2011

2 Bake 'em all - Chicken, Peaches and Potatoes

The kitchen cabinet rummager - that's what I've labelled myself. I'm clueless when it comes to planning a meal well ahead of time and, can only admire those who are able to organise their food and marketing for a whole week.

It takes an easy going appetite to eat whatever's served on the table for the day.

Me? My stomach growls for the freedom to choose.

"What to eat, arh?" is probably my favourite question when eating out. If the idea doesn't tempt me, I'll settle for standard stuff...like chiken rice and that's just to "eat to live" .

My meals at home are usually prepared according to what I find in the cabinet and the fridge just hours before mealtime...but the belly leads the gastronomic adventure.

Today, a can of peaches beckoned.

Chicken, Peaches, Potatoes

Onions and Chinese Parsley too
(They're really Malaysian Parsley..born and bred here. I kid)

Assemble with Tomato Couscous
(Wow...I think I got carried away)

Oven leftovers

A rough guide..

- Chicken fillet
- Potatoes (sliced, rub with salted butter n herbs)
- Onions (quartered)
- A small can of peaches
- Butter, honey and what-have-you

To bake:
1) Fry chicken fillet with honey, until golden brown. (Does not matter if the chicken is not cooked through because it's going into the oven)

2) Assemble chicken onto baking tray lined with foil.

3) Spread quartered onions and sliced peaches around.
Add bits of butter, honey and pepper.

4) Top with potatoes and cover with foil

5) Bake until chicken and potatoes are done

To cook:
6) Couscous? That's really up to you ;)


  1. This is really new for me,esp with peaches inside. Actually I am a big fan of this fruit too.

  2. I just love peaches but I've never attempted to cook it until now.


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