Apr 21, 2011

0 Servicing the Air-Cond

Money out, money out...it's been two years since I last had the air-conds serviced. The rooms aren't chilled as quick as before. I wonder if that has anything to do with the humid weather we're experiencing now. Perhaps and perhaps not, but I'm not waiting for a change in the Monsoon winds to find out.

I got Hendry's number from the Management office. A gruff voice responded to my call. I was a little intimidated at first but soon lightened up when I realised I was judging a person by their voice.

"Don't do that!" I told myself sternly.

Hendry, as it turns out, was a really nice guy. Chirpy and meticulous. I knew I was going to be a regular customer instantly.

He charges RM150 per 1.5HP air-con unit - for the cleaning job and the gas refill, not too shabby considering it's been neglected for  awhile.

Gas for air-cond

To gauge how much gas is left

Dismantling the air-cond unit

So that's what's behind my air-cond unit..ugh

Hendry's assistant doing a thorough job with the washing

This is Hendry, assessing a damaged unit

Yeap, one unit's not working. The motor's run its last after daily abuse by its non-compassionate owner. You know those air-cond vents you find in hotels? Just a neat hole with cool air rushing out from the plastered ceiling? That's what I have at home for the hall. An over-ambitious idea doing no favour to the servicing guys...hehe

Since the repair cost isn't worth it,  a new ceiling cassette type air-cond may be installed instead. Possibly York and possibly easier for the servicing guys to access.


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