Apr 28, 2011

2 Pizza Brava@Desa Sri Hartamas delivers the cheer

"Everyday cook, cannotlar. Today, 'tapao' ."

It's just one of those days where the skies are a hazy grey. It set the tone of my mood, and I wonder if I'll get out of it before night falls. I psych myself up with pep talk to find the cheerful disposition that's missing from my person. Mayhaps the cloud of marshmallows that's occupying my skull has finally reached it's limit in all things sweet and sugary.

With that, I left dinner to Machoman, an overly enthusiastic individual who believes that, "You can never buy too much food." 

He brought home a feast - Italian Pizzas, the kind cooked in wood fired ovens. A heavenly treat that gave me the boost of energy I needed to end my day in a smile.

I never thought I would move on from Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza, but as Justin Bieber says, "Never say never", aye? So, bravo Pizza Brava. You have yourself a new customer.

Cooked in wood fire

12" richly laden thin crust pizza - RM25

Now, that's how pizzas should look like always

The Dragone (dragon shaped pizza) - RM18

Cheese, ham..yum!

Tomato based sauce to accompany the Dragone


  1. Hi, is this place halal? Thanks.

  2. I am so sorry for the late reply. I do not know if this place is halal or not :)


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