Dec 18, 2012

4 A New Look For My Guest Room

This is a follow-up from my previous post.

I'd been toying with the idea of having a crisscross design on one side of the wall. I knew I was going to use masking tape to help me achieve the look I had in mind. I just wasn't sure if it would turn out well. The last thing I want is for it to turn out too webby. No offense there, Spidey.

The project of crisscrossing was carried out at night. My partner and I went back and forth the room to get a better view of where we were going to cross the lines next. It wouldn't look too good if the lines were all concentrated in one area. After that was done, we painted the entire wall, over the tape.

In between all this, I only realised that there were curious onlookers in the building opposite ours when I happened to glance out of the window for a break. They must be wondering why we were taping our windows...

The next night was spent peeling the tape off but before that, did I mention that I was so excited that I kept peeking into the room to check on it.. not that there was anything to check on. It was just the magnetising effect of overwhelming pride that attracted me to the room.

The end result is remarkably pretty. I would do it again... but knowing me, maybe not. I prefer opting for "different" IF I could.

Here are some photos I snapped ..and snapped, snap!...snap! snap!...whoaa, fifty plus?! Outrageous.

Masking tape crossed all over
The peel-off!
Mmmm..pretty in Ashley Pink
A daytime photo
The finished product


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